Man Sues Bank for Slander

Man Sues Bank for Slander

In 2005, a suit was filed against the Commercial Federal Bank, now known as the Bank of the West in Denver, by a man who claims he was the victim of slander and racial profiling.

Unexpected Outcome of a Seminar

When Dan Heidel attended a banking seminar in 2004, he left with more information than he bargained for.

Heidel, who worked as an assistant comptroller at Brown Palace, attended the seminar with his fellow hotel employees to hear Genevieve Babcock-Elder, an expert on background checks speak.

When Babcock-Elder supposedly began telling a story to the group about a time when she stopped a terrorist from opening an account at the bank, Heidel told the U.S. district court in Denver that he was beyond shocked.

The man Babcock-Elder was speaking about, Qusair Mohamedbhai, was a close friend of Heidel’s.

Babcock-Elder went on to tell attendees that she had profiled him because he looked Arab and obtained Social Security in Florida where he was trained to fly planes for the Sept. 11 attacks.

She also claimed that he had funneled $160,000 for terrorism through the Colorado National Bank eights years before.

Heidel left the seminar wondering if his friend was who he said he was and even avoided him afterwards, scared that Mohamedbhai might harm his family.

However, he soon came to his senses and was the first to testify against Babcock-Elder when Mohamedbhai filed suit.

The Allegations

Mohamedbhai, who graduated form the University of Wyoming law school, is now a practicing lawyer in Denver, claims he was turned away from the bank in 2004.

At this time, Babcock-Elder was overheard telling another employee that he was probably a terrorist, reports Mohamedbhai’s attorney, Darold Killmer.

Babcock-Elder has denied the allegations, although Heidel and others allege that she even went so far as to spell out Mohamedbhai’s name for the seminar group.

Babcock-Elder’s Company, Colorado Cheque Connection paid Mohamedbhai $40,000 before the trial began.

(Source: Rocky Mountain News)

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