Massachusetts Man Sues Construction Companies

Massachusetts Man Sues Construction Companies

A man living in New Hampshire was recently injured during in a construction accident.

The man was supposedly injured when metal scaffolding collapsed during repairs that were being done to Portsmouth’s historic North Church steeple.

Man Injured by Steeple

William Rogan, who claims he was severely injured, has filed a lawsuit against the construction companies that were performing the restoration work.

Rogan claims that he was sitting in his car when a thunderstorm blew through, causing the steeple to disconnect and collapse.

The scaffolding reportedly struck Rogan’s car and shattered his windshield.

According to the suit, glass flew into his eyes, ears and scalp, leaving permanent scars.

Lawsuit Filed Against Construction Companies

Milestone Engineering &Construction Inc. of Concord and American Steeple & Tower Inc. of Salem were named as defendants in the suit.

The suit claims that the companies failed to properly oversee the project they were working on.

Reports also state that the companies didn’t properly inspect the scaffolding, which put the public at risk.

Rogan is seeking unspecified monetary damages in the suit.

(Source: Union Leader)

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