MA Library Director Sentenced for Sexual Abuse

MA Library Director Sentenced for Sexual Abuse

A former director of the public library in Haverhill, MA, was recently sentenced for sexual abuse after a lawsuit was filed against him.

The man reportedly pleaded guilty to the charges held against him and has now been sentenced to four to six years in state prison.

Previous Boy Scout Leader Accused

A lawsuit was filed against Howard Curtis by one of his alleged victims who claims he was molested by the library director when he was a Boy Scout in the mid-1980’s.

Curtis was supposedly a Boy Scout leader and since this initial suit was filed, several other victims have come forth with the same accusations.

All of the victims were in Curtis’ Boy Scout troop and they all claim that the man forced them to perform sexual acts as children.

Man Sentenced to Prison

Earlier this week, Curtis pleaded guilty to the sexual abuse charges claiming that he was mentally ill and was a victim of abuse as a child himself.

Although the judge took Curtis’ past into consideration, the several lawsuits and many lives he destroyed, ultimately sent him to jail.

(Source: Eagle Tribune)

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