Medtronic Inc. Issues Recall

Medtronic Inc. Issues Recall

Earlier this year, Medtronic issued a recall of their defective defibrillator leads, which are sold under the name Sprint Fidelis.

According to reports, at least five patient deaths have been associated with the product.

The leads are thin insulated wires that connect to a defibrillator, which carries electric impulses to the heart.

Woman Files Personal Injury Suit

Kim Orange from Kentucky, recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against Medtronic  Inc., after experiencing severe electrical shocks due to a defective lead wire system that came with her defibrillator.

Orange claims that the system failed causing her to feel three painful electric shocks.

After being transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Orange reportedly experienced two more shocks.

“I felt like I was being repeatedly shot or kicked in the chest by a horse,” explains Orange. “ The pain was intense and has the power to knock you down or out of your chair.”

The complaint states that a design defect was responsible for the failure of the lead in the system.

Consequences of Faulty Product

When the Sprint Fidelis failed, Orange was forced to undergo surgery to remove the device and implant a new one in its place.

As a result of her injuries, Orange’s doctor required her to take time off work.

“You fear that you have a ticking time bomb inside your body that could unexpectedly explode or be triggered by a quick movement or vibration,” said Orange.

(Source: E-media Wire)

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