Midwife Sued for Birth Injury

Midwife Sued for Birth Injury

A midwife, who attempted to deliver twins at home, is being accused of unprofessional conduct and is being sued by the state Department of Health due to birth injury.

The twin births in 2005 resulted in a death and severe injuries.

Delivery Gone Wrong

According to reports from the Department of Health, the midwife, Leslie Gesner’s care of the mother and babies she was caring for, fell below the state’s required safety guidelines.

The department claimed, as a trained midwife, Gesner should have known that one of the babies was in a breech position and in danger of becoming severely injured.

The department claims that during the attempted home birth, one of the babies’ umbilical cords may have gone into the birth canal, which prevented the baby from getting a sufficient amount of oxygen.

When the mother was finally taken to the hospital the babies were delivered by c-section; however, due to the injuries already inflicted on the baby with the prolapsed cord, the baby reportedly died a few days after birth.

Midwife Consequences

Midwives like Gesner typically work outside of hospitals and are involved in a good portion of at home births.

The birth injury case with Gesner, who is also a licensed nurse, could potentially go before the health-law judge.

This type of case could result in Gesner serving up to five years in prison, along with a suspension of her license. 

(Source: The Bellingham Herald)

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