Victim of Sexual Assault Sues in Milwaukee

Victim of Sexual Assault Sues in Milwaukee

A former student and employee of Milwaukee High school recently filed a lawsuit against a school janitor who she claims sexually assaulted her.

The victim states in her suit that she was harassed and sexually assaulted by the janitor while she attended and worked at the school.

Janitor Attacks Girl

The suit has been filed against Roy Walter, 57, who was convicted of sexual assault in October and has been serving in a House of Correction ever since.

The city was also named in the suit regarding Walter, who supposedly attacked the plaintiff one day.

Lawsuit Details

The plaintiff first met Walter when she was 15 and began working as an assistant custodian at the school under his supervision.

Soon after she began working for him, the girl claims he began kissing her and making sexual advances.

She was reportedly too afraid to come forward about the assault until police began an investigation on Walter after other complaints were filed against him.

The girl is seeking an unspecified amount in the suit and hopes to prevent others from being put in a similar situation.

(Source: South Milwaukee NOW)

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