Minnesota Bill Could Make Pools Safer

Minnesota Bill Could Make Pools Safer

A bill was cleared this week by Senate that would adopt stricter swimming pool standards in the state of Minnesota.

According to reports, the bill will also require daily inspections at public swimming and wading pools throughout the state.

Girl Severely Injured From Drain

The new bill was proposed after a little girl suffered injuries from the suction of an uncovered drain while swimming in a wading pool at a country club.

Abigail Taylor was severely injured after sitting over an open drain at the Minneapolis Golf Club. 

Reports claim that the little girl’s colon was forced into her rectum and since the incident she has undergone several operations and is now being hospitalized after having a multiple organ transplant.

Father Fights for Bill

Scott Taylor, Abigail’s father, testified before the Senate Health, Housing and Family Security Committee in regards to the proposed bill.

Taylor claims that the incident was not an “accident” as it was described in the suit he filed against the country club and pool manufacturer.

“Minnesota has a chance to be a leader in pools safety,” he explained. “Our children should be as safe in a pool as science and engineering can make them.”

Proposed Bill

The bill would supposedly require all pools that were built after December of this year to contain two or more drains.

All other pools would have to meet such requirements by the end of 2009.

(Source: Star Tribune)

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