Lawsuit Filed Following Missouri Bicycle Accident

Lawsuit Filed Following Missouri Bicycle Accident

A Missouri University student filed a personal injury lawsuit against two individuals, the city of Columbia and the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission after suffering serious injuries in a 2005 bicycle accident.

Student Suffers Serious Injuries
Krysten Chambrot, who claims she had the right-of-way, was hit by a vehicle while traveling through an intersection. She was thrown off her bike upon impact and was then hit by a Columbia Water and Light truck. Her body was then dragged through the street beneath the truck.

Defense Argues Plaintiff is at Fault
Although Chambrot claims the accident was not her fault, witnesses testified that she did not look both ways before crossing the street. Two MU students who were sitting in their car at the time of the accident claim Chambrot rode through the intersection against the light.

The truck driver that hit Chambrot argued in court that she did, in fact, ride through a red light, causing the accident. He said when his light turned green he began to drive and suddenly, out of no where, there she was.

Although the defense is trying to put the blame on Chambrot, her attorney has asked the jurors to side with Chambrot even if they are convinced that she is partially responsible. Closing remarks are scheduled for Oct. 28.

(Source: Missourian)

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