Missouri Boot Camp Death Investigated

Missouri Boot Camp Death Investigated

The wrongful death of a boy at a Missouri boot camp is currently under investigation by the FBI and congressional investigators.

The boy was attending the camp for troubled teens when he reportedly suffered from a spider bite and was abused and neglected by camp counselors.

Spider Bite Provokes Abuse

Roberto Reyes was 15-years-old when his parents sent him to the Thayer Learning Center after his grades began slipping and he began showing behavioral problems.

Camp records show that Reyes reported feeling ill to the counselors after only being at the camp for two weeks.

He also reportedly had a spider bite on his arm that looked as if it was infected.

Records claim Reyes vomited, defecated, and urinated on himself several times; however, the staff believed he was just being rebellious.

Instead of caring for the boy, the staff reportedly forced him to do strenuous exercises with a 20-pound sandbag tied around his neck.

FBI Called Upon

“In light of the seriousness of this case, in which neglect, if not outright abuse, likely contributed to the death of a child, I urge the FBI to treat this referral with urgency,” said Rep. George Miller.

Miller wants Congress to regulate camps throughout the country more strictly.

“There was clear evidence to us that he was abused before he died,” stated Gregory Kutz, head of the Government Accountability Office’s forensic audit. “The people there misinterpreted the signs of a spider bite and thought he was faking something, so instead of getting him medical treatment, they tortured him.”

Parents File Suit

Following his death, Reyes’ parents sued the camp and other staff members and settled for a million dollars.

The camp has been accused of abuse in several other cases.

(Source: Associated Press)

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