Family Awarded in Construction Accident Lawsuit

Family Awarded in Construction Accident Lawsuit

An award was recently given to a Missouri family who filed a wrongful death suit after their loved one was killed in a construction accident.

The man killed was a steelworker at the Columbia Transload Facility and the family claims his former employers were negligent, which caused the accident.

Fatal Accident at Work

Christopher Tristan, 27, was reportedly working on the frame of the rail terminal, which services a railroad line, when one of the steel columns collapsed.

According to reports, Tristan fell 30 feet and was taken to University Hospital in critical condition and days later died from his injuries.

Wrongful Death Suit Filed

Tristan’s father, Amador, filed the suit against Prost Builders Inc., Vaughn Prost, the president and owner of Prost Builders, and Pro Building Solutions Inc.

Amador claimed in the suit that Tristan’s former employers were negligent for failing to inspect and secure the columns and foundations to ensure the safety of their employers.

Settlement Reached

Amador reportedly received $17,722 in the suit; while Tristan’s two children are due to receive $26,694 when they turn 18.

Two other people were also reportedly injured in the accident and have filed personal injury suits against the company.

(Source: Columbia Missourian)

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