Brain Injury Victim Mistakenly Declared Dead

Brain Injury Victim Mistakenly Declared Dead

The family of a North Carolina man who was mistakenly declared dead after being hit by a car in 2005 has filed a lawsuit against a county medical examiner and others for unspecified damages.

Vital Signs Not Accurately Checked

Larry Green suffered severe brain injury from which he may never recover, in part because of the two and a half hours he spent in a body bag in a freezer at the morgue, the family claims.

According to Green’s parents, the six responding paramedics and the Franklin County medical examiner failed to accurately check their son’s vital signs after the accident.

When asked if Green was dead, the medical examiner said that he was dead and “the twitching was a muscle spasm, like a frog leg jumping in a frying pan,” the lawsuit stated.

Two and a Half Hours Later

It was during a State Trooper’s accident investigation that Green was finally discovered to be alive. Green was hospitalized for two months and now resides in a nursing home.

(Source: NBC17 news)

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