MN Student Awarded Over $421K in Police Shooting

MN Student Awarded Over $421K in Police Shooting

The city of Minneapolis has settled in a civil suit filed by a University of Minnesota student who had been shot in the back by police.  The student was present during the so called “hockey riots” of 2003 and was shot with a non-lethal beanbag gun by riot police.

The student, Jeffrey Arndt, received an award of $421,500 for personal injuries sustained as a result of the shooting.  Arndt had to have an emergency splenectomy (spleen removal) after being shot.

During the riots fans of the Gophers Hockey Team celebrated their team’s victory by rioting, looting, and vandalism.  Police took to the streets and used crowd control measures including the firing of non-lethal weapons and tear gas in an attempt to quell the violence.

Arndt, then a senior majoring in Geography, was not a part of the riot and was walking home to his fraternity house when he was shot.  In addition, there was no rioting occurring in the neighborhood Arndt was walking in.

Minneapolis Police Public Information Officer Ron Reier issued a statement saying that there was an ongoing internal investigation into the police tactics used during the rioting.  The gun used to fire the beanbag may have not been a regulation, specially marked 12-gauge and may have been fired by an officer not trained in its use.

The settlements have many calling for a safety overhaul of the police force and its tactics in handling riotous situations.


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