Mortuary Owner Sues over Necrophilia Claim

Mortuary Owner Sues over Necrophilia Claim

An Oxnard mortuary owner and his family have filed a defamation lawsuit against an instructor, and the school that employed him for allegedly making extremely defamatory remarks about his practice.

Roberto Garcia is suing instructor Clarence Moore for making “extremely offensive” comments about his son, Robert Garcia Jr., and about the family’s business, Garcia Mortuary.

“These are horrific statements,” said Robert Jr.

The lawsuit accuses Moore, and others at Nationwide Education Services, of telling students that it was a documented fact that Robert Jr. had performed sexual activities with corpses in the mortuary.

According to the lawsuit, Moore also told his students that Robert Jr. passed on a sexually transmitted disease to his wife, and that medical professionals had diagnosed it.

The lawsuit further states that Moore commented on how this type of activity is illegal, and that the son had been put in jail as a result of his activities, the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit seeks damages of an unspecified amount.

The Garcia family claims the remarks were lies, which had been circulated around the community for two years.

The Garcias said that as a result of the slander, they have been subjected to extensive emotional and mental stress. The family also said that their mortuary has suffered, and will likely continue to suffer “severe business losses as a result of the defamation.”

Robert the elder said that the family seeks justice after dealing with two years of humiliation, pain, and suffering, resulting from these rumors.

According to the lawsuit, there has never been an investigation of the Garcias’ mortuary or family by any federal or state agency. It also said that none of the Garcias had ever been accused of a crime.

“God only knows how much pain and how much suffering my family has had to endure. I thank God for giving me much patience and strength to wait for this opportunity to find those responsible of orchestrating and planning these vicious rumors simply to destroy a family and a business,” the elder Garcia said.

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