Mother Files Suit Claiming Son Abused

Mother Files Suit Claiming Son Abused

A suit was recently filed in Fort Wayne, Indiana by a mother who claims her son was the victim of physical abuse while at school.

The suit names Fort Wayne Community Schools and a teacher who allegedly provoked the abuse in the classroom.

Teacher Prompts Abuse

Stephanie Lanier filed the suit on behalf of her son, who was in the fifth time when the supposed abuse took place.

Lanier accuses physical education teacher Darla Davis of ordering other students in the class to “batter” her child after he answered a question wrong.

The suit also names Superintendent Wendy Robinson and David Weber, who was the principal at Maplewood Elementary at the time of the incident.

Troubled Past

According to reports, this is not the first time Davis has been accused of mistreating her students.
In 2000, officials from Snider High School issued a warning to Davis after she was reported for grabbing at least one student in an inappropriate manner.

Mother Takes Action

Lanier is seeking unspecified damages and is claiming negligence, emotional distress, battery and the failure to supervise.

She says that as a result of the incident, her son has suffered physical and mental anguish and they have been forced to pay a great deal in medical expenses.

(Source: Journal Gazette)

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