Jury Awards Man $10M For Injuries in Motorcycle Accident

Jury Awards Man $10M For Injuries in Motorcycle Accident

After a two and a half week trial, a man who suffered the loss of his right arm in a motorcycle accident was awarded $10 million in damages, the largest personal injury verdict in Warren County.

The accident occurred in July 2005 when Philip Cote, Jr. was thrown from his motorcycle in a collision with a UPS truck.

“He tried to get to the left, but he didn’t have any time. There were two cars coming at him straight. He couldn’t break cause he would’ve dumped the bike, so for a few brief moments, Phil Cote was staring at heaven’s gate,” said Brian Breedlove, Cote’s attorney.

Injuries Suffered

As a result of his injuries, most of Cote’s right arm had to be amputated. He also suffered serious damage to his nerves, his attorney said.

“I was in a lot of pain. I had three chest tubes, my lungs collapsed, multiple surgeries, just a lot of pain,” said Cote.

Money Isn’t Everything

The jury deliberated for less than a day before returning the verdict against UPS. Cote was pleased with the award, but said could never give him back what he lost in the accident.

“Obviously I would want my arm back. The money’s nice. It’ll help send my kids to college. Money’s nice, but money’s not everything,” he said.

Cote’s wife was awarded damages for loss of services. She and Cote split last year.

(Source: Capital News 9 online)

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