Dismembered Motorcyclist Wins $1.75M in Lawsuit

Dismembered Motorcyclist Wins $1.75M in Lawsuit

A man who was dismembered and nearly died in a motorcycle accident when his motorcycle hit a pothole on a badly maintained road has settled a lawsuit against the county claiming that their failure to fix the road resulted in his injuries. The biker received $1.75 million in the settlement, but the other settlement terms were not disclosed.

Bradley Rowand was in the hospital for 62 days after the motorcycle accident claimed his right leg.

A Shoddy Road

“This was a tragic accident, but the roadway was such that it should have been repaired a long time ago,” said Rowand’s attorney Mati Jarve. “A neighbor had put a sign up saying, ‘Read my lips, pave our road.’”

The shoddy road is at least 70 years old, said Jarve.

The county had received complaints about the bad road, but instead of repairing it properly, the county “threw cold patch from time to time” to temporarily fix potholes, said Jarve. They didn’t pave it well until after Rowand’s accident.

The Accident

Rowand, 20 at the time, was riding his 1998 Suzuki motorcycle with three of his friends who were riding their own bikes on June 4, 2001.

Rowand was riding at the front of the group when he came upon a pothole and was unable to avoid it. It caused the front wheel to wobble, said Jarve.

“When he was thrown back, he took off like a shot into a metal pole,” said Jarve. “His leg was taken off right at the hip.”

Rowand was rushed to Cooper University Hospital, where doctors thought he wouldn’t survive, said Jarve.

During his stay, Rowand had to undergo multiple surgeries and procedures. He was fitted for a prosthetic leg, but he has not been able to wear it because of persistent problems with scar tissue. Rowand relies on a wheelchair but feels that he will be able to walk again.

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