Family of Motorcycle Victim Files Suit

Family of Motorcycle Victim Files Suit

A family living in Mississippi recently filed a suit on behalf of their loved one who was killed in a motorcycle accident.

The suit has been filed against Entergy Texas Inc. and Entergy Gulf States and claims that the companies are responsible for the wrongful death of the man.

Biking Accident Takes Life

Merrell Robinson was reportedly fatally injured when his motorcycle went off the road and collided with a guy wire that was attached to an Entergy utility pole.

Robinson was reportedly found by Port Arthur Police dead in a water ditch near the pole.

Family Files Suit

Eunice Robinson, who is representing Merrell’s estate and children, reportedly filed the wrongful death suit shortly after the accident.

“The guy wire and its anchor were too close to the roadway, and thus the defendants were negligent,” says the suit.

Seeking Compensation

Robinson’s family is seeking compensation for his conscious pain and suffering as well as for expenses for medical and funeral purposes.

“Eunice Robinson was dependent upon Merrell Robinson at the time of his death for financial, emotional, and other types of support, which she now has lost,” explains the lawsuit.

(Source: The Southeast Texas Record)

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