Nail Gun Injury Provokes Lawsuit

Nail Gun Injury Provokes Lawsuit

A lawsuit was recently filed by the widow of a construction worker who was killed using a nail gun.
The air-powered nail gun reportedly malfunctioned while the man was working and a nail embedded in his chest.

Man Fatally Injured at Work

Manuel Murillo, 30, was reportedly with his co-worker Salvador Cardenas when the accident occurred.
The nail was 2 ½ inches deep into Murillo’s chest while Cardenas rushed down the seven mile snowy Sierra road to get his friend help.

Suit Filed

Murillo’s wife, Brenda, filed a wrongful death suit against Hitachi-Koki U.S.A., claiming that they designed a nail gun that was defective.

The suit also states that the company was negligent for selling and marketing the product and that the nail gun was of “dangerous character and condition.”

Nail Guns Controversial

Although the popularity of nail guns for construction use has grown in recent years, an investigation found that nail gun injuries also increased.

The tool is driven by compressed air and can supposedly blast 30 nails a minute that travel up to 490 feet per second.

More injuries have been reported and researchers and doctors have called the tools “dangerous” especially when used in the automatic mode, known as “contact trip.”

(Source: Monterey Herald)

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