Personal Injury Suit Leads to Prison Time

Personal Injury Suit Leads to Prison Time

A Napa school teacher was sentenced to eight years in prison after being convicted of shooting her boyfriend five times. James Talley, 51, filed a personal injury lawsuit against ex-girlfriend, Roxanne McWilliams, 51, after spending weeks in the hospital recovering from five gun shot wounds to his torso. 

Defendant Files Cross-Complaint for Abuse

The lawsuit claimed that McWilliams shot Talley while he was asleep in their home. Shortly after Talley filed the personal injury lawsuit against McWilliams, she filed a cross-complaint of her own. According to McWilliams, Talley had threatened to harm her and her family and had been physically, sexually and emotionally abusive throughout their relationship.  

McWilliams pleaded no contest to one count of assault with a firearm and two enhancements of causing great bodily harm and the personal use of a firearm. She claimed that she acted out of self defense and fear of her and her family’s safety.  

McWilliams’ Supporters Crowded the Courtroom

Records show that the courtroom was packed with family and friends of the defendant the day of her sentencing in an effort to show support for her and the circumstances. Among her supporters were McWilliams’ two daughters. After she was sentenced, her daughters spoke to reporters stating that “justice had not been served,” and that Talley should be the one in prison, not her. 

According to reports, although she has been sentences to eight years, McWilliams may be able to be released after six and a half years, if she behaves well in prison. 

(Source: Napa Valley Register) 

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