Former NASCAR Official Files Suit

Former NASCAR Official Files Suit

A former official of NASCAR recently filed a $250 million suit against the circuit claiming emotional abuse and sexual harassment.

The plaintiff worked as a technical inspector for NASCAR and often traveled to various venues with fellow employees for races.

Former Employee Claims Mistreatment

Mauricia Grant, 32, claims that she was the victim of racial discrimination and sexual harassment which caused her emotional pain during her employment.

Grant claims that several employees would make references to “Al Qaeda” and “Mohammed” when she was around and even exposed themselves to her several times.

She decided to file a lawsuit after being terminated in November when she complained to head officials about the harassment and abuse she was experiencing on a daily basis.

Lawsuit Filed

The lawsuit filed states that Grant was the victim of “virulently racist harassment, a racially hostile work environment and pervasive race discrimination.”

Grant was reportedly the only black female official who worked with NASCAR during her professional career and was supposedly “perpetuated and condoned” by her supervisors.

“It hurt because I basically tried to do my job and tried to avoid co-workers. I was hurt and disgusted,” says Grant.


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