$4 Million Claim in Nebraska Football Injury

$4 Million Claim in Nebraska Football Injury

The parents of Brady Berans, a Nebraska teenager who was critically injured during a football game, have filed a $4 million claim against the Lincoln, NE Public School system and the city of Lincoln.  The claim, usually a predecessor to a lawsuit, alleges that the entities may have been responsible for negligent behavior in caring for their son after his injury, which occurred in September of 2004.

The claim includes $500,000 in medical expenses.  The named entities have about six months to respond before being faced with a lawsuit.

Part of the claim alleges that a city ambulance should have been present at the game.  Ambulances have been present at all Lincoln Public Schools until 2003 when budget concerns allegedly stopped their presence.  Officials at the school and in the city have both responded and said they will address all of the concerns the Berans have about school safety.

Tom Beran, father of the injured player, said his doctor informed the family that brain injuries are a matter of time.  He said that seconds could count with an injury to the head.


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