Motorcycle Accident Suit Settled in NJ

Motorcycle Accident Suit Settled in NJ

The New Jersey State Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a couple who have been fighting an ongoing battle with their insurance company regarding a motorcycle accident.

The accident happened nearly 10 years ago and the couple is just now being compensated for the physical and financial strains they endured.

Couple Hit by Car While Riding

Michael and Dorothea Pizzullo were reportedly thrown from their motorcycle before being hit by a car.

The couple was treated for the many injuries they endured and according to reports they were unable to return to work for their jobs with the state.

Suit Filed Against Insurance Company

The Pizzullo’s filed a suit against the New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company (NJM) when the company limited their claim to $3,000 as opposed to the $500,000 they were each owed in accordance with their policies.

Michael Pizzulo claims the company misled him to believe him and his wife would receive $500,000 each in the case of an emergency.

However, they could only receive $500,000 total. 

Motorcycle Accident Causes Years of Suffering

The Supreme Court sided with the couple in the case agreeing that they had been misled and ordered them to be compensated for their injuries and the wrongdoing.

The Pizzulo’s are set to receive $800,000 from the case.

“I’m delighted for my clients,” says their attorney, Gerald Stockman. “It was a 10-year struggle.”

(Source: The Trenton Times)

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