$1M Settlement Reached in Suit Against Toymaker

$1M Settlement Reached in Suit Against Toymaker

A family living in Anderson, CA, recently reached a settlement in a suit filed against the company whose defective toy has altered their son’s life.

The suit was filed against Rose Art Industries, a toy manufacturer in New Jersey, and a $1 million settlement was reached.

Child Injured by Toy

William Finley, 4, was repeatedly taken to the hospital due to uncontrollable vomiting before doctors realized he had a pair of magnets in his pelvic area.

The magnets were reportedly a part of the toy known as the “Magnetix” that he had received for Christmas.

“The “pair of magnets stuck together within the pelvis,” explained Finley’s surgeon.

Suit Filed

William’s parents filed a suit against Rose Art Industries after he was forced to undergo multiple surgeries and was told that he would have to remain on a special diet throughout his life due to the incident.

The boy will reportedly require constant care and endure severe abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, and will be at risk of developing gastrointestinal problems for the rest of his life.

Family Reaches Settlement

“The injury to William has resulted in the family being impoverished and without sufficient means to maintain its previous quality of life,” said court papers.

According to reports, Sara Finley, William’s mother, will immediately receive $20,000 from the toy company and the rest of the money will be allotted to the boy over time.

(Source: Sacbee.com)

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