$6.5M Suit Filed Over Mold in School

$6.5M Suit Filed Over Mold in School

A lawsuit was recently filed in regards to the mold that is reportedly contaminating a middle school in New Jersey.

State officials announced that the suit is seeking more than $6.5 million in damages from a company who failed to alert the state about the contamination.

Mold Discovered at Neptune School

The discovery of mold at Neptune Community Middle School last year forced portions of the building to be demolished.

The mold problems reportedly delayed the project and added an additional $13 million to the cost of the school.

Lawsuit Filed

The suit has been filed against Gilbane Building Co., claiming they failed to inform state and school officials of the toxic mold that was infesting Neptune’s walls.

“Gilbane’s responsibility was to be the eyes and ears of the Schools Development Authority and the taxpayers of New Jersey on the project,” explains Scott Weiner, the chief executive officer of the school.

The lawsuit is reportedly seeking damages from Gilbane for the cost of repairing the mold problem and recovery of what they already paid the company.

According to reports, the state of New Jersey has already collected $6.5 million from other architects and construction companies involved with the building project.

(Source: The Star-Ledger)

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