Permit Revoked After Deadly Crane Accident in NY

Permit Revoked After Deadly Crane Accident in NY

New York City officials recently revoked the construction permit for a high rise building where a deadly crane accident occurred in March.

The incident, which happened on East 51st Street, killed seven people when a tower crane fell to the ground.

Zoning Violations Still in Question

According to officials, the revised plans that were submitted by the developer failed to address zoning violations that were forcing the city to question the project before the accident occurred.

The accident, which was the first of two fatal crane collapses that happened this year, has forced many to raise questions regarding the safety of high-rise construction.

Family of Victim Files Suit

The city took action after the accident occurred and Donald C. Leo, a crane operator, was killed when the crane collapsed.

Leo’s family is now planning to file a suit and they are asking the crane’s owner to provide them with the machine’s log book, maintenance and repair records as well as other documents.

The family of Ramadan Kurtaj, who was also killed in the accident, plans to file a suit for his wrongful death.

Since no provisions have been made concerning the zoning of the project, work has stopped at the building and with a revoked permit and lawsuits being filed, there’s no telling when construction will resume.

(Source: The New York Times)

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