New York Rigging Company Accused of Negligence

New York Rigging Company Accused of Negligence

Federal officials announced Sept. 15 that The Occupational Health and Safety Administration, OSHA, has filed nearly three dozen negligence citations against Rapetti Rigging Services Inc. and two other companies involved in a fatal crane accident that happened in March.

The rigging company was raising a tower crane in Midtown when it collapsed, killing seven people and seriously injuring two dozen others.

Crane Accident Could Have Been Prevented

OSHA claims that because Rapetti failed to properly inspect all parts of the crane before use, they failed to notice cuts and snags in the nylon slings used to raise the steel crane. Had they thoroughly inspected the crane and hoist, they would have known to replace the damaged parts, claims OSHA.

Rapetti is also being accused of failing to follow the manufacture’s instructions to use padding to protect the slings from sharp edges. Both accusations are said to be the cause of the fatal accident.

Rigging Company Faces Willful Violations

Three of the citations Rapetti faces are classified as willful violations, the most severe citations issued by OSHA. The agency defines a willful violation as one committed “with plain indifference to or intentional disregard for employee safety and health.”

Rapetti faces fines up to $220,000 for the damage.

(Source: New York Times)

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