NY Woman Sentenced in Slave Case

NY Woman Sentenced in Slave Case

A woman from Muttontown, NY, was recently sentenced to 11 years in prison after being found guilty of treating two women housekeepers like slaves.

The woman and her husband, who parented four children, have been on trial regarding the physical abuse they bestowed upon the women.

Her husband will reportedly be sentenced this afternoon.

Millionaire Couple Exposed and Punished

Varsha Sabhnani and her husband, Mahender, reportedly made millions as manufacturers and distributors of perfumes in the Middle East.

Samirah and Enung, two Indonesia women, were hired by the couple to work as maids.

Women Physically Injured at Work

The maids claim that Sabhnani knocked out their teeth, cut them with a knife, poured boiling water on them and forced them to sleep on the ground while they were employed for the couple.

Sabhnani and her husband, who is being tried for not stopping or preventing the abuse, had a total of 12 charges held against them.

Aside from the jail time Sabhnani now faces and the potential jail time of her husband, the couple will also be forced to financially compensate the two women for their medical expenses due to their physical injuries.

(Source: Newsday)

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