NY Judge Files Slip and Fall Suit

NY Judge Files Slip and Fall Suit

A Brooklyn judge has filed a slip and fall suit against the city of New York after slipping in his own court room.

The suit reportedly seeks $1 million in compensation for the injuries he endured as a result of the wet floors.

Courtroom Suit Details

Supreme Court Justice Jack Battaglia, who hears civil cases, reportedly slipped on a puddle that was left by janitorial service in his courtroom.

The suit accuses the city of negligence and Battaglia says the woman who mopped the courtroom created a “dangerous and hazardous traplike condition.”

Judge Injured from Fall

Battaglia reportedly fractured his knee from the fall and was forced to undergo surgery and physical therapy as a result.

The suit claims the judge was “unable to stand up after the fall” and he now has limited flexibility in his knee and has difficulty walking.”

(Source: Daily News)

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