Disability Award Upheld in Wal-Mart Case

Disability Award Upheld in Wal-Mart Case

According to reports, Wal-Mart recently lost its bid to overturn a verdict that found them guilty of discrimination.

The nation’s largest retailer appealed the jury’s decision regarding a suit filed against them by a disabled man in 2005.

Suit Filed by Former Employee

Patrick Brady filed a suit against the company he once worked for claiming that after only a couple of days on the job he got demoted for no reason.

Brady, who has cerebral palsy, was hired as a pharmacy assistant then found himself collecting shopping carts and garbage from the parking lot.

The suit claims that head pharmacist, Yem Hung Chin, told the store manager that Brady wasn’t “fit for the job” working in the pharmacy.

Chin reportedly based his decision on the fact that Brady was disabled, limped and had slurred speech at times.

Jury Sides with Plaintiff

After deliberation, the jury found that Wal-Mart and the pharmacy manager of the New York store were guilty of discrimination.

The jury found that due to Brady’s disabilities, he was treated differently and not given the same opportunities as other employees.

Brady was awarded $7.5 million in the case and although Wal-Mart has been fighting to challenge the findings, they are having no such luck.

(Source: Newsday)

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