Suit Filed Against New York Nightclub

Suit Filed Against New York Nightclub

A New York City man has filed a premises liability suit against the nightclub he was thrown out of.

The man was harmed and assaulted by another customer of the club and blames the nightclub for his injuries.

Nightclub Fight

The incident, which occurred at the Roxy nightclub, began when another man, while inside the club, reportedly accosted Jason DeJesus’s friend.

The club’s bouncers immediately threw out both DeJesus and the other patron from the same door.

The man allegedly chased DeJesus down the block and stabbed him more than eight times.

Premises Liability Lawsuit

David H. Perecman is suing the Roxy’s owner, The Beer Garden Inc., for improperly protecting DeJesus.

Perecman claims the employees at the Roxy should have known that DeJesus could potentially be harmed when they threw both men outside the same door.

“This is a lack of security case. The premises owner did not take appropriate basic measures to secure their clientele. They did not follow their own rules,” explains Perecman.

Permanent Injuries

Although DeJesus recovered from the stabbing, he claims he still suffers from psychological trauma and physical pain as a result of the incident.


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