Non-Automobile Vehicles Harmful to Children

Non-Automobile Vehicles Harmful to Children

A new study conducted by researchers from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at the Columbus Children’s Research Institute in Ohio, reports that ATV accidents are not the only non-automobile vehicles that cause injuries.

In recent years, dirt bikes, go-carts, buggies and scooters have also been responsible for inflicting injury on children.

Study Leads to New Findings

In the study conducted by the Columbus Children’s Research Institute, Collins and her colleagues collected data from various children’s hospitals on accidents and injuries from non-automobile motorized vehicles.

Most of the injuries resulting from the accidents were abrasions, fractures and lacerations.

Injury Statistics

While most of the media’s focus involving off-road vehicles surrounds ATV’s, statistics show that other motorized vehicles pose a significant threat for children as well.

From 1990 to 2003 injuries involving children and motorized vehicles jumped 86 percent.

“ATV injuries are a serious concern,” says Christy L. Collins a conductors of the study, “but we believe that pediatric injuries related to other types of non-automobile motorized vehicles are also serious.”

From 1990 to 2003 a total of 1,203,800 children in the United States reportedly suffered from injuries involving all types of non-automobile motorized vehicles.

Collins claims that children don’t have the motor skills to drive on and ride on ATV’s or other motorized vehicles.

Recommended Safety Measures

Collins recommends that parents force their children to wear helmets and face guards when riding on non-automobile vehicles and be aware that accidents can also happen to those watching the vehicles, not just riding them.

She also believes that legislation should be enforced regarding vehicles other than ATV’s.

Dr. Mary Aitken, a professor at the University of Arkansas says that the statistics involving children who are injured by these types of accident is alarming.

“Hopefully this study will result in a reality check for parents and for policy makers,” says Aitken.

(Source: Forbes)

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