Settlement Reached in Birth Defect Suit

Settlement Reached in Birth Defect Suit

A settlement was recently reached in a suit filed by the parents of a boy who was born with birth defects.

The parents, who are migrant workers in North Carolina, claimed that their son’s health complications are the result of exposure to pesticides.

Woman Exposed During Pregnancy

Francisca Herrera, 20, and Abraham Candelario, 21, were once employed with Ag-Mart Produce, which sells fruits and vegetables under the name Santa Sweets.

Herrera continued to pick tomatoes in the field until she gave birth to Carlitos, who was born with no legs and no right arm.

The couple believed their son’s birth defects were due to the pesticides that Herrera was exposed to while pregnant.

Settlement Sets Example

According to the couple, Carlitos’ case is representative of all the children whose lives have been altered by pesticide exposure.

“His birth brought to light what was happening in the fields,” explains Herrera.
The suit claimed that Ag-Mart managers failed to adhere to the seven-day waiting period rule spraying and waiting to send workers into the fields.

(Source: Tampa Bay Online)

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