Caretakers Arrested for Nursing Home Abuse

Caretakers Arrested for Nursing Home Abuse

Two caretakers of a nursing home in Australia have been arrested for sexually assaulting more than one elderly resident in their care. According to Lillian Jeter, a spokeswoman for the Elder Abuse Prevention Association, elderly residents suffering from dementia are often vulnerable to nursing home abuse because they are less likely to know what is going on around them.

Two Separate Accounts of Nursing Home Abuse

Two reports of nursing home abuse have been reported in the last five weeks, by two separate caretakers. Both victims were elderly residents of the Peninsula Village nursing home in Australia; one was confirmed to be suffering from dementia.  

Accused Caretakers Fired Immediately

Melissa Dempsey, the care manger at the facility, stated that the two members of the staff who allegedly committed the abuse were fired immediately following the reports. She stated that one of the managers has also been suspended in an effort to prevent any future harm to the victims or to other residents of the facility. The two counts of assault are still being investigated. 

Nursing Home Staff Face Heightened Police Screening

Reports of the abuse came shortly after the Federal Government issued a new rule stating that all individuals working at a nursing home must undergo police screening. Currently, the rules state that the only staff members that must undergo police checks are those with unsupervised access. However, the new laws are meant to tighten down. 

Jeter argues that increased police screening is not the answer to preventing nursing home abuse. She noted that the only individuals who have been caught for nursing home abuse or neglect would have a police record, and that criminal screening will not necessarily get rid of all ward off individuals who are capable of such crimes, but who have simply not been caught. 

(Source: The Sydney Morning Herald) 

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