Nursing Home Accused of Physical Abuse

Nursing Home Accused of Physical Abuse

Three former employees of a nursing home in Northeast Portland were recently accused of neglect and physical abuse.

The indictment against the workers involves a 60-year-old resident who suffered from two broken legs when she was negligently dropped.

Former Resident Wrongfully Dies

Linda J. Ober was dropped while at the nursing home and reportedly wasn’t taken to the hospital until five days later.

After arriving at the hospital Ober died from her injuries and soon after a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Gateway Care and Retirement Center.

The suit claims that the employees physically abused Ober and ignored her pleas for help after the fatal incident occurred.

Employees Accused

Suzanne Kay Ruddell and Verna Colleen Heide were charged with felony criminal mistreatment for Ober’s death.

Cammy Nye was also accused of misdemeanor reckless endangering and there is currently a warrant out for Nye’s arrest.

Another lawsuit was also recently filed against the Gateway nursing center by a former worker who claims the home is guilty of abusing and neglecting their patients.

(Source: The Oregonian)

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