Woman Dies In Nursing Home Fall

Woman Dies In Nursing Home Fall

Dolores Gayoso, 90, a woman in a Lorain, Ohio nursing home recently fell to her death after the wheelchair she was in fell down a flight of stairs.  The wheelchair overturned on top of the woman at the bottom of the stairs, causing her inability to breathe.

The woman fell after going through a door that was only for employees or visiting family members.  Such security doors at the Autumn Aegis Retirement Community are equipped with high-powered alarms that go off when people who are not employees or family push through them.

Police and Ohio Board of Health members are investigating how the incident occurred since the doors’ alarms should have alerted staff.  The doors are equipped with a special code that only employees and family members have access to.

Staff members at the home have since been posted to watch the doors.

Another nursing home incident last year in which John Sullick, a resident, fell out of his third-floor window and died occurred at the Amherst Manor.  The Manor is another nursing home owned by the same company:  Sprenger Retirement Centers.  As a result of Ohio Department of Health investigations the Amherst Manor was cited for not giving Mr. Sullick proper security.  He had been moved from the Autumn Aegis Retirement Community because of security and safety concerns.


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