Woman Sues Nursing Home Claiming Sexual Assault

Woman Sues Nursing Home Claiming Sexual Assault

A woman who was sexually assaulted in a nursing home by a janitor has filed a nursing home abuse lawsuit against the home claiming that it failed to perform an adequate background check in the hiring of the janitor, and that when she reported the incident, she was retaliated against.

Jeffrey M. Padwa, the lawyer for Violet Tillotson, 80, filed the lawsuit against South County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center claiming that the home negligently hired and supervised the janitor, and also negligently investigated the June 2004 assault.

The Suit

According to the lawsuit, Tillotson reported to home staff that the male janitor entered her room and touched her between her legs, but the staff supposedly investigated the matter and found that the report was “unsupported.”

After she reported it, the nursing home sent Tillotson to Our Lady of Fatima Hospital by ambulance. The medical personnel there were told that Tillotson “was suffering from visual hallucinations and delusional ideations.” She was admitted to the psychiatric unit “on an involuntary status,” for 14 days.

The lawsuit seeks damages of an unspecified amount.

“This is about protecting other residents. These nursing homes have to now they have to take some level of precaution and that there are eyes watching them. There are people paying attention, and the only thing that motivates this companies to do the right thing is money,” said Padwa.

Accused of Sexual Assault Before

Lancerio was accused of “sexually assaulting a resident at another nursing home in Washington County prior to being hired by South County Nursing Home,” according to the suit. That nursing home reported the allegation to the Alliance for Better Long Term Care, and the Health Department, but South County Nursing Home failed to check with those entities before hiring Lancerio.

Saul A. Lancerio, the 42-year-old janitor from Providence, pled no contest to two counts of first-degree sexual assault and one count of second-degree sexual assault for the assaults of Tillotson and two other female nursing home residents. He was sent to prison.

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