Lawsuit: Nursing Home Tampered with Dead Body

Lawsuit: Nursing Home Tampered with Dead Body

The grieving daughters of a 74-year-old man, who froze to death when he was allowed to wander outside an Indiana nursing home, have filed a nursing home abuse lawsuit.  Not only did the nursing home fail to adequately supervise Orland Jean, a man who suffered from dementia and was bound to a wheelchair, they also tampered with his dead body to cover up evidence of nursing home neglect, according to the lawsuit.  

According to the claim, after a dietary working found Jean dead outside the Hospitality House, nursing home workers brought him inside, bathed this body, dressed him in new clothes, and put him into his bed, all the while knowing that he was already dead.    

The coroner’s report lists environmental hypothermia as the cause of Jean’s death.  The report says, “The facility went to great lengths to hide the facts, to deceive the doctor, to tamper with the crime scene and evidence by throwing out the clothes.  This was an absolute cover-up of this death to the point we don’t know the truth of how Mr. Jean got out of the facility or how long he was out of the facility.”

According to the nursing home abuse lawsuit, Mr. Jean exited the Alzheimer’s unit of the nursing home through an unlocked door and remained outside in the freezing cold for an unknown period of time.   

The State Department of Health in Indiana has fined the nursing home $13,500 for this gross case of neglect and wrongdoing.  Through the nursing home abuse lawsuit, Mr. Jean’s family members are seeking damages for the wrongful death of their father.  

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