Nursing Home Assistants Indicted for Abuse

Nursing Home Assistants Indicted for Abuse

Two Kentucky nursing home assistants have been indicted and charged with nursing home abuse.  Kentucky’s Attorney General Greg Stumbo announced the indictment for multiple counts of Second Degree Criminal Abuse that allegedly took place at the Irvine Health and Rehabilitation Center.  The indictments followed an intense investigation by Stumbo’s Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Control Division.

 The two Certified Nursing Assistants, 27-year-old Lisa Kilburn and 30-year-old Kim Congleton supposedly abused the elderly and frail patients by giving them laxative suppositories for no reason.  The suppositories caused pain and bleeding in several of the patients.  Apparently the suppositories were given as a prank.  The women were supposedly trying to make more work for the assistants whose shift followed theirs.

Nursing home abuse is a serious but rampant crime that occurs throughout the country.  The two nursing assistants face five years in prison each for their parts in the crimes.  The two assistants were fired by the center’s administration.  The administration issued a statement that said that the actions of the assistants were “deplorable and unacceptable.”

Further charges may be brought against the assistants or the facility, as evidence is uncovered in the remaining stages of the investigation.

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