Woman Nearly Dies of Dehydration in Nursing Home

Woman Nearly Dies of Dehydration in Nursing Home

Brandon Price received a call from the nursing home where his mother was staying. “The doctor said your mom is probably not going to live,” Brandon said. They urged him to come to the emergency room. “They actually let us in the room with her to say our goodbyes,” he continued.

The medical records showed she was suspected to have had another stroke, but a series of tests revealed that she was actually suffering from severe dehydration.

Pat Price (no relation to Brandon Price), legal nurse consultant with the Nursing Home Justice Center, said, “In further looking at the lab studies, it was evident the kidneys had also shut down which tells us this did not just occur, this was something that was taking place over a period of time. For me to tell you exactly what those numbers are, my guess would be anywhere from 5 to 7 days, that’s how long it took.”

“For an ER doc to be stunned to have nurses in the emergency room tells us flat out we’re surprised your mom lived, just because somebody couldn’t give her a glass of water is appalling to me.”

Nursing home abuse continues to be a problem. An average of 20,000 patients are victims of nursing home abuse each year, one study estimates.

After many meetings with the nursing home, the Price family chose to keep Johnna there. But they changed their mind less than 48 hours later when she was sent back to the intensive care unit. She was given a drug she shouldn’t have taken and developed a blood disorder.

“We don’t kid ourselves to think mom is a healthy person, she’s not. She had a massive stroke five years ago. She should’ve been dead five years ago – we understand that. But she’s not gonna check out due to neglect. Not on our watch,” Brandon said.

So the Prices, convinced the mother’s health condition was a result of inadequate care, filed a complaint against the nursing home, Manor Health Care in Summerlin, and moved her to another facility.

“After she’s hurt again and hurt again and hurt again – enough. It’s got to be told. The story has got to be told,” Brandon said.

He continued, “I believe this is not an isolated case. Not just to the Manor and not to our mom. I believe this happens all over the valley and for these people to be put aside because they’re sick, it’s not right and that’s why we’re doing this.”

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