Flood Victims File Suits in NV

Flood Victims File Suits in NV

According to reports, more than 100 residents in Fernley, NV, became flood victims in January and are now  potentially be exposed to toxic mold.

Another lawsuit was filed earlier this week regarding the flooding and the community is asking the federal court to block their plans to continue normal water flows.

The irrigation canal is supposedly centuries old and farmers and ranchers are arguing that they can’t risk the mold exposure or another flood taking out their crops and livestock.

Canal Breaks and Floods Homes

The Truckee-Carson irrigation canal reportedly broke in early January and flooded nearly 600 homes.

Reports claim that the flooding led to state and federal disaster declarations.

Lawsuits Filed

The people living in Fernley have filed lawsuits against the federal government for the damages they have endured due to the flooding.

They are also asking the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to remove the toxic mold and bacteria from their homes.

Toxic mold supposedly developed in many homes from the flood waters when the Truckee-Carson irrigation canal broke.

“It’s because of the irresponsible actions of these government agencies that the victims lost their possessions and are now being exposed to toxic mold,” explains Bob Hager, an attorney for one of the residents.

(Source: Nevada Appeal)

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