Suit Filed Against New York Nursing Home

Suit Filed Against New York Nursing Home

A lawsuit was recently filed against a nursing home in New York claiming the facility is guilty of negligence.

The suit names the Blossom South Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as being responsible for the injuries endured by a 92-year-old former resident.

Woman’s Leg Amputated

According to reports, Ruby Meyers broke her leg last fall and it was put into a brace that caused her to develop pressure ulcers and open sores.

Meyers’ leg was reportedly amputated below the knee after she contracted gangrene while living at the nursing home.

“The pictures are horrendous,” says Van White, the attorney representing the family in the case. “There is no question that this resident was completely ignored.”

Family Takes Action

The suit was filed by Myers’ grandson and granddaughter and claims that the facility is guilty of neglect and medical malpractice.

The family also says that Meyers repeatedly suffered from bed sores and was being over medicated while staying at the home.

Nursing Home Faces Other Allegations

The nursing home is reportedly already facing fines from the state of up to $150,000 for other deficiencies.

In the last three years, Blossom South has reportedly been reprimanded for violating 70 health deficiencies.

(Source: WHEC News)

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