Ex-Officer Awarded $170,000 in Discrimination Settlement

Ex-Officer Awarded $170,000 in Discrimination Settlement

A former police office from Lansing, MI, recently settled a discrimination case she filed against the city of Lansing.

The case accused the city’s police department of treating the police officer differently than the other officers, and the plaintiff claims she was working in a racially hostile environment.

The Allegations

African-American officer, Lakiesha Allen, 28, alleged that her supervisors disciplined her more often and aggressively than her white co-workers.

Allen claims that she brought her complaints to the attention of her supervisors, particularly Chief Mark Alley, but was only ridiculed more.

Settlement Reached

Allen was one of seven minorities who sued the city of Lansing for racial discrimination in 2004.

According to City Attorney Brigham Smith, the city’s insurance company settled the case at will to avoid a more extensive trial.

Allen, who was fired from the police department in September of 2006, says that her career at Lansing has affected her emotionally and left her unemployed.

“I need to close the chapter of my life that includes Lansing Police Department before I can open up a new one that includes future employment,” said Allen.

Lawsuit Aftermath

As a result of the suit, the police department has implemented new workplace policies to prevent cases like this in the future.

Allen will reportedly receive $170,000 in the settlement.

(Source: Mlive)

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