Ohalee Inc. Recalls ATVs

Ohalee Inc. Recalls ATVs

An ATV manufacturer recently recalled a certain model of their ATVs after discovering that the product had several defects.

The company recalled their ATVs in fear that the mechanical complications could potentially put young riders at risk.

Major Recall

Ohalee Inc. has recalled 36 of the FA-A70 youth ATVs that they manufactured and distributed to various stores throughout the country.

According to reports, the ATVs, which are meant for children, lack front brakes and a tire pressure gauge.

The date when the ATVs were manufactured are not printed on the side of the tires as they’re supposed to be and the front suspension is said to be solid, which doesn’t allow for travel.

In addition, the flagpole bracket is the wrong size and there is no padding on the sharp edges of the handlebars.

Problems With Owner’s Manual

Aside from the ATVs many mechanical problems, the owner’s manual doesn’t contain all the information it should and there is no storage compartment for it.

The manufacturers are warning consumers that these defects could result in an unsafe riding condition.

ATV Description

The Ohalee FA-A70 Youth ATVs with the ‘Ohalee’ name located on the right and left sides are the vehicles being recalled.

The ATVs were sold by Odes Motorcycle Industry from June 2006 to December 26 and cost about $360.

Warning to Consumers

A warning has been issued for consumers to immediately stop using the ATVs.

Consumers are eligible for a full refund from the manufactures.

(Source: Consumer Affairs)

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