Emotional Abuse in Oklahoma Foster Care System

Emotional Abuse in Oklahoma Foster Care System

According to federal data, the state of Oklahoma has one of the worst records in the U.S. of documented child abuse in their foster care system.

The foster or group homes have reportedly been anything but safe and secure havens for children; on the contrary, there have been several reports of emotional abuse and mistreatment stemming from the facilities.

Abuse Exposed at Foster Homes

This recently released data has exposed the abuse that is occurring yearly to children living in foster care homes.

As a result of the emotional abuse, many children have endured lasting psychological effects and have had the inability to form emotional bonds with others throughout their lives.

Child Advocates Take Action

Child advocates have been pushing for more action to be taken within the child welfare system in Oklahoma and in other states throughout the country.

They claim that it’s a system that is too often plagued by inadequate staffing and financial problems.

Problems in Other States

Data also shows that emotional abuse in the foster care system has been an ongoing problem in other parts of the country as well.

For example, in Alabama in 1988, the state was recorded for having the worst system for protecting children and preserving families.

However, Ira Lustbader, an attorney for Children’s Rights, says that the current problem in Oklahoma is “one of the most dangerous systems for kids in custody we’ve ever seen.”

(Source: The New York Times)

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