911 Operator Ignores Young Boy’s Call for Help

911 Operator Ignores Young Boy’s Call for Help

A lawsuit is being filed on behalf of a young boy for the wrongful death of his mother when a 911 operator failed to respond to his plea for help.

Robert Turner, age 6, called 911 when his mother collapsed on the kitchen floor on February 20th, however; the operator thought that the call was a prank and refused to send help initially.

“Then I had felt her tummy. She wasn’t breathing. Then I had called 911,” commented the six-year-old. “I told them to send an emergency truck right now.”

According to young Turner, the operator continued to ask to speak to an adult and reprimanded him for playing with the phone.

Reports allege that the operated said, “I don’t care. You shouldn’t be playing on the phone. Now put her on the phone before I send the police out there to knock on the door and you gonna be in trouble.”

“I tried to tell them she wouldn’t talk,” said Robert.

By the time Robert Turner was able to convince the operator of the emergency, it was too late and his mother had died on the floor.

Robert’s mother, forty-six-year old Sherrill Turner, allegedly had an enlarged heart and could have survived with immediate care and medical attention.

Turner’s attorney, Geoffrey Fieger commented, “Had they responded immediately at that first call, just before 6 p.m., she certainly would have survived.”

An acquaintance of the operator who neglected the boys cry for help has offered her condolences and regret to the Turner family.

A comprehensive investigation is being conducted by the police department to determine the operator’s response to the serious incident.

Robert Turner and his attorney appeared on NBC’s Sunday airing of the “Today Show” this past weekend, to discuss the event.

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