New Orleans Beating Sparks Civil Suit

New Orleans Beating Sparks Civil Suit

Robert Davis, the 64-year-old retired teacher whose October 8, 2005 beating by police in New Orleans was captured by an Associated Press camera crew, has filed a civil suit seeking damages stemming from his attack.  An officer also assaulted a member of the AP news crew.

Mr. Davis’ lawsuit will be to cover expenses that were incurred getting medical treatment for injuries sustained by the police.  Since Louisiana has a cap on punitive damage awards, Mr. Davis is likely to incur some expenses himself. 

The man received fractures on his cheek and may have to undergo surgical procedures on his eye.  Mr. Davis has also complained of back pain.

Davis contends that he is not angry at the police force and is glad that the chief of police responded to the incident so quickly.  He insists that charges against him are false and is calling for them to be dropped as well.  Mr. Davis was charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest.  The ex-schoolteacher has stated that he has not had a drink in 25 years.

Mr. Davis’ beating was captured by a news crew and shows the man being punched repeatedly by police officers.  The officers involved, Lance Schilling, Robert Evangelist and A.M. Smith were suspended from police duty and released on Monday.  Their trial is set for January.

The Department of Justice and the FBI are spearheading the investigation to see if Mr. Davis’ civil rights were violated during the incident.


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