Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Ortho Evra Manufacturer

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Ortho Evra Manufacturer

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Ten women filed a lawsuit against Ortho McNeil, manufacturer of the birth control patch Ortho Evra. The women all suffered from strokes or serious blood clots they believe was caused by the use of the “unreasonably dangerous” and “defectively designed” drug.

The women range in age from 18 to 47 and claim to be suffering from long-term debilitating effects from the patch. A 19-year old woman from Colorado said she suffered two strokes and recurring migraines after developing a 10-inch blood clot in her brain after use of the patch in 2004.

The AP reported 23 deaths were attributed to the use of the birth control patch since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved it in 2001. According to a statement sent to CNN by an FDA spokesman, Ortho Evra is safe based on evidence., however, reported last week that the risk of developing a fatal or non-fatal blood cot while on the patch is three times greater than with the use of the abortifacient birth control pill. Ortho McNeil issued a statement last week, in response, claiming Ortho Evra is safe and effective for many women when used as labeled.

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