Pennsylvania Woman Awarded $85,000 for Dog Bite

Pennsylvania Woman Awarded $85,000 for Dog Bite

A Pennsylvania postal worker has been awarded over $85,000 for the injuries she suffered when attacked by a dog on her route.  Mary Sloboda was delivering a package to Joseph and Patricia Lipar on August 2002 when the 105-pound mixed breed dog viciously attacked her, leaving serious wounds to her arm, elbow, buttocks and head. 

“I was walking away from the house, and it just nailed me,” Sloboda commented on the attack.  “It ripped at my bag, then it bit my arm when I reached for my spray.” 

When Sloboda was treated for her extensive injuries in the emergency room, medical staff discovered one laceration was so severe that a tendon in her elbow had ruptured.  The punctured tendon resulted in a serious infection for which Sloboda spent two days in the hospital for intravenous antibiotic treatment. 

Sloboda later underwent surgery to repair the lacerated tendon and missed a total of 7 ½ months of work due to the injuries.

A jury ruled in favor of Sloboda, finding the Lipar’s to be entirely responsible for their dog’s attack.  The dog however, did not make it to the end of the trial and was found dead of natural causes one day during testimony. 

Robert Magee, Sloboda’s attorney elected for binding arbitration when the court decided that an additional jury would be brought in to decide the appropriate damages.  An arbitrator awarded Sloboda $85,655 for the case.

”I’m glad it’s over.  It took entirely too long,” commented Sloboda.

Sloboda claims that her relationship with dogs has significantly changed since the incident.  The 10-year veteran postal worker says that she used to befriend dogs on her route, even carrying treats occasionally. 

Now however, Sloboda is uncomfortable with most dogs.  “There are few I go near,” she said. 

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