Woman Files Contaminated Peanut Butter Suit

Woman Files Contaminated Peanut Butter Suit

A woman who was seriously sickened after eating peanut butter that may have been contaminated has filed a lawsuit against the company that made it. The peanut butter manufacturer issued a product recall to prevent any more sicknesses.

ConAgra Foods, Inc. is being sued after their recall of their Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butters on Feb. 14. It was recalled over concerns that it was contaminated with salmonella.

Deborah Sanchez, mother of four, is the first to file a lawsuit against the company over the peanut butter.

Contaminated Peanut Butter?

Sanchez said she spread some of the possibly contaminated peanut butter over her pancakes.

“It tasted really good,” said Sanchez. “It didn’t have a bad taste or anything.”

She had to be hospitalized soon after.

“I thought I was going to die,” said Sanchez. “I wasn’t sure.”

She contends that she got salmonella poisoning from the Peter Pan peanut butter.

“I couldn’t control my bowel movements or vomiting, both at the same time,” said Sanchez. “It was just horrible.”

Sanchez contacted ConAgra Foods, she said, and she informed them of her sickness. The company offered her a refund.

“I wasn’t happy with that deal,” said Sanchez.

The Lawsuit

Sanchez seeks to recover compensation for her medical bills, which amounted to about $10,000. She also seeks up to $65,000 more for pain and suffering.

“Is this company ripping people off? Absolutely,” said Sanchez’s attorney, Wesley Todd Ball. “They believe they can do that, get away with it and have very minimal exposure.”

Ball reported that he had 10 other clients filing similar suits.

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