Pennsylvanian Widow Files Suit for Motorcycle Accident

Pennsylvanian Widow Files Suit for Motorcycle Accident

The widow of a man who wrongfully died due to a motorcycle accident recently filed a suit in Pennsylvania.

The driver of a pickup truck has been named as the defendant and is being blamed by the widow for her late husband’s untimely death.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident

According to reports, Earl L. Klages Jr., 52, was instantly killed after he crashed into a snow plow that was attached to a Mercer County Housing Authority pickup.

Klages supposedly skidded and fell before Timothy J. Swogger, the authority’s maintenance manager started to make a left turn.

Swogger reportedly stopped only feet away from Klages as he was in the opposing lane.

Driver Cited for Driving Violations

Swogger has been cited for making a left-turn violation and has been blamed for the “chain of events that led to Klages’ death” by District Judge Ronald E. Antos.

The suit has been filed by Klages’ widow who claims that her husband’s death could have been prevented.

(Source: The Herald)

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